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I. B. Kleinert invented the incontinence & dress shield category and founded Kleinert’s, Inc. in 1869. It was then known as I.B. Kleinert’s Rubber Company headquartered in New York. Isaak Kleinert was a prolific inventor and outstanding merchant. His inventions include many products still in common use today including the shower cap, the shower curtain, the baby pant, the dress shield, the garment shield, the sanitary pant and many other products.

During the years the company grew into a truly international operation with facilities in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. During World War 2 Kleinert’s was a supplier to the US Air Force producing rubber life rafts for our flyers ditching into the ocean.

During the 1970’s to 1990’s Kleinert’s served the department stores and mass retail chains in the United States which had notions departments. These departments were all closed during the late 1990’s to early 2000’s period. It was during this period that Kleinert’s developed the mail order clients. However with the development of the internet even the mail order companies saw difficult times. Kleinert’s however continued serving our retail stores across the county and our notions distributors.

In 1987 Hygienics Industries was awarded a grant from Ben Franklin Technology Partners to further it’s goals and projects.

Since 2003 Kleinert’s has added many new disposable and reusable products for hyperhidrosis and incontinence. We even serve the United States VA System with our incontinence products. Today we serve tens of thousands of consumers worldwide as well as our traditional retail trade accounts.

Kleinert’s is privately owned and managed by Mr. Michael Brier who manages the continued growth of Kleinert’s. With his leadership, the company is again forging forward with new products in new fields including healthcare.

We are constantly researching new fabrics and design techniques to contribute to the benefit of our consumer products. His patents include two for an advanced fabric treatment called Fabrapel which is a fluid-resistant, stain-resistant and odor-resistant treatment which when applied to any fabric produces a soft waterproof barrier. Fabrapel is sure to develop even more loyal consumers worldwide.

Additionally we have developed an advanced and clinically tested antiperspirant wipe called Dry Body which will actually stop sweating in the area where it is applied up to 7 days. This addresses millions of consumers who suffer from hyperhidrosis. Here is a link http://www.kleinerts.com to access our kleinerts.com website for excessive sweating.

The future of Kleinert’s is strong and with continued innovative products which can further benefit people, we expect continued success.

Please call us with any questions or comments regarding our products:

Kleinerts® 433 Newton Street Elba, AL. 36323.

Toll Free 1-800-498-7051www.kleinerts.com

Customer Service: customercare@kleinerts.com


Silver Award Winner – Ultra Sweat Shield Box

Receiving US Department Of Commerce Award 2015


Plant Address: Kleinert’s 433 Newton Street Elba, AL 36323


Pictures from our Factory in Elba, Alabama
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Original College Point, NY – IB Kleinert’s Rubber Co. Building
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Kleinert’s dress shields

Kelinerts Dress Shields

This ad appeared the April 29, 1940 issue of Life.